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Install New Template

Beautiful template has at least become good apart, although the contents have not been posting very good or not so much. At least your blog look so more interesting than before, and your experience grows so.‎ Changing the template is not easy before this if you have never try. Because with the new template you will be faced with a job work quite complicated background, such as switch, setting the columns, posts, headers, feet, font color and so on.

For the blogspot community usually has a lot of interesting templates are available, in addition they can also use templates from other places. How to operate it with just uploaded a new template (xml file) on the edit HTML. If you have a lot of templates, uploading the file can be done many times until you finally get the appropriate template.
Here is a sample example template that is in the http://blogandweb.com/, please visit or click Plantillas Blogger to see the entire template and click to Descarga download :

Template Name : VectorLover

Template Name : URBAN ARTIST

Template Name :OPTIMISM

Template Name : THERMAL

Template Name : BLOGY DILECTIO

Template Name : STYLEICIOUS

Template Name : SIMPRESS

Template Name : IPLANTILLA


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